Suppliers and subcontractors

GK has a Supplier Code of Conduct that describes the principles that GK’s suppliers, sub-suppliers and subcontractors must comply with.

GK has a Supplier Code of Conduct that describes the principles that GK’s suppliers and, if used, sub-suppliers must comply with. 

GK sets high standards for its own operations and its own employees with respect to environmental, social and commercial matters. High ethical and moral standards will always characterise the way GK does business. GK sets the same standards for its suppliers and their sub-suppliers. Our business partners must operate in a safe and environment-friendly manner and must meet all the requirements set out in prevailing contracts and regulations. 

All our suppliers must confirm that they undertake to follow our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Download GK's Supplier Code of Conduct

We work closely with our suppliers to develop the best solutions and cooperation possible. We also work hard on finding new and innovative products and suppliers to cover new needs and business opportunities. Our strong focus on using dedicated suppliers secures the suppliers high volumes and a Scandinavian access.